Religious Undertaking

Someone once asked me to do a blog about uniforms.  I was disinterested because school uniforms and workwear uniforms have been undertaken and ruined.  The sexualization of them has grossed me out to them.  Harry Potter and Britney Spears have ruined them.

Yesterday I passed 2 nuns and they looked striking.  Not in a sexual way though.  In the way that they stood out from all the t-shirt and jean jacket clad stander byers.

Ingrid Bergman in Bell’s of St. Mary’s

Audrey Hepburn in The Nun’s Story

While my mother is Catholic, I was raised without religion.  Therefore I was spared the guilt and anger religious figures conjure in people.

Liberace?  No, the Pope.

As a young child growing up in Connecticut, there was not much opportunity to see any kind of diversity.  We did spend a good amount of time in New York city due to my great-grandmother living there and my grandfather working there.  I remember having seen Hasidic men before and being quite fond of the look.  On one such occasion I asked my mother ‘why do all those men dress the same?’.  She replied that they were Hasidic Jews.  This meant absolutely nothing to me.  So I then asked if I too could dress like that.  Her answer was a simple ‘No’.

You can not deny this is a good look.  Though, I am not recommending you copy it outright.

Of course, the fashion higher ups have been stealing from religious garb for years.  Check out these amish inspired fashion pics from Italian Vogue.

And Bruno Pieters Amish inspired menswear line from 2007.

I’ve enjoyed the fashion of Amish men since seeing an Amish family at a McDonald’s back in the 90’s.

Straw hats and suspenders?  Why not.

While I’ve never wanted to dress like a monk, I certainly can appreciate the aesthetic.

Especially these guys, whose monk garb seems almost like coveralls.

While it can certainly be wrong to adorn certain religious articles it would also be wrong not to study or appreciate the dress of religious peoples or to pretend that it does not influence fashion all around.


Good Day.


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  1. When I was a kid, my family visited Amish country and I seethed with envy every time I saw a girl my age in prairie dress and bonnet. They get to dress like Laura Ingalls and have horses? Is there some kind of reverse Rumspringa I can participate in?

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