Peaceful Easy Feelin’

Please forgive my attitude problem last week.  I have compiled some nice things to look at as a peace offering.

Visvim S/S 2011

So, the southwestern faze isn’t ending.  It’s time we start looking to other people besides Pendleton to do all the work.  They don’t have copyright on all southwestern patterns as it would seem, people.  I think Visvim does a good job here giving southwestern a more desert-y color pallete.

Highland S/S 2011.

I’m totally sexist when it comes to shoes.  I enjoy clogs on men but not women.  I feel the same about Uggs, though even men only look ok in Uggs under special circumstances.

Moonchild ‘Echoes’ F/W 2011.

I’d say all these looks so far are totally thriftable.

While I am not generally a fan of Lanvin menswear, and their H&M menswear line was downright shameful, I do like this Futuristic Urban Cowboy look they are going for with the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

On a more controversial note, what’s Walter Van Beirendo doing here?

Putting an end to the shorts suit debate I suppose.

This F/W 2011 Gaspard Yurkievich look takes the lapels right off the blazer as well as overwhelming amounts of buttons out of the double breasted conundrum.

I do not see why he needs to be surrounded by body bags covered in mesh but that’s just me.

Lastly, I don’t feel comfortable carrying a tote bag.  I don’t have a problem with men carrying them in general and I often preach that ‘guys need to carry stuff around too’, but, I just feel weird with them.  Last year I got what I thought was a beachy/nautical bag with a shoulder strap.  It fit my towel sunblock and dice just fine.  But when I hit the beach people called it my attache.

Makr Carry Goods has solved my problem.

This one not only has a shoulder strap, but, it can be turned into a backpack strap.

Excellente.  And Good Day.


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One comment

  1. Michelle Tea

    Lanvin also looks like they are taking inspiration from our neighbors to the North – the Canadian Mountie! Into it.

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