Pissed Off

First off I saw a commercial the other day for a movie, Beastly.  I surmised that it’s some sort of modern day Beauty and the Beast deal.  It starts off with some guy who’s supposedly awesome looking,

He’s all about looks not love blah blah blah, then he turns Beastly and has to fall in love in order to turn normal again.  Here’s what Beastly looks like,

Umm…I’m not totally into the super pierced, tattooed, scarification look, but, he looks better as Beastly…right?  I don’t know why this pissed me off so much but it did.

Next up, Facebook ruins the world again.  I’ve been kind of into the way social networks have changed advertising.  Ads are trying to look like your facebook pics if you didn’t know already.  The softer, more casual photos have been appealing to me.  This Lee ad from a book I got for Christmas, The Male Mystique(a book of ads from the 1960’s and 70’s) is similar to what’s been happening with ads copying facebook photos in a way that I like.

But, things have gone too far.  Here’s proof from a Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook.

No!!! A guy taking a picture of himself!  Not that it doesn’t happen, but, proper advertising it is not!  Then,

No!!! A guy drunk listening to records!  Not that it doesn’t happen, but, not proper advertising again!  Does anyone even care what he’s wearing here?  No Band of Outsiders we do not.  I blame Facebook and if I’m the only one who sees this correlation so be it.

Third up on my pissed off o’meter comes,

Prada wingtip creepers.  These make me want to puke.  Major label menswear designers should just call it a fucking day.  This is just more proof they are stumbling around office’s being like ‘ok, everything that’s old is in let’s mix a bunch of shit together’.  What’s with the hemp like roping on there?  They were going for hippie on this too?  Or, nautical?  Kill me.

I guess what it comes down to is, I’m uninspired.  I’m not excited by anything I’ve seen so far of the spring/summer 2011 or fall/winter 2011 looks.  It all seems like a hopeless attempt to smoosh the last 3 years of looks together.  Heritage/nautical/hobo/hippie/pendleton/maybe goth is next but I can’t commit/I can’t take it.  I’m sorry I have failed you readers, but, I have been failed myself and it is a sad situation.  It’s time to hit the thrift stores, hit the streets, get out of dodge, do what the designers should be doing.  In times like these all we can do is look at stuff like this,







That last one is jazz legend Miles Davis if you don’t know.

Anyway, gather and destroy.  Good Day.


About Leo Plass

Casual Elegance. I'd be happy to answer any style quandaries. Send them my way to leoplass@gmail.com if you dare.


  1. dr. sleep

    Those wingtips are like Fluevog’s, but, worse.

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  3. becky

    dr. sleep – so very true.

    a look that has been slowly picking up around the minne as far as menswear is concerned: hand sewn civil war era overalls.

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