Valentine’s Day Mix Tape

Todays post is going to be quite different than most and will have mostly nothing to do with fashion.  Often, because of this blog, I get questions from friends.  This week I got a lot of  ‘what should I get him?’, ‘what should I get her?’, for Valentine’s Day.  So, I set forth to give ya’ll a gift guide for the occasion.  The problem is that Valentine’s Day should be about true romance and you can’t easily package that.  Plus, romance is hard to shop for.  You’ll get her a bracelet to find she is annoyed by things on her wrists.  So you’ll opt for a necklace, but, she’ll be attached to wearing her dead Grandmother’s necklace everyday and yours doesn’t match.  You’ll buy her lingerie that unbeknownst to you accentuates the things she hates most about her body  yet she’ll feel obliged to wear it for you and then you will have awkward sex.  You’ll take her to a show and she’ll get her drink spilled on her by drunk idiots bumping into her.  So you’ll opt for a fancy dinner but it will be Valentine’s Day and full of other people.  The restaurant will be so ripe with the intensity of ‘nothing can go wrong’ that half the couples in the joint will be in a fight already and you may soon become one of them.   AHHH! you’re thinking about now.  So, here’s the solution.  Picnic.

I get that it’s February, but, there is no reason you can’t put a blanket down on your living room floor and picnic there.  And if you don’t cook, picnics are good for small plates of pre-cooked foods.  Please put said foods on plates though.  The thing is that it’s casual food, you can eat with your hands, you don’t have a table in between you, you can stop eating for a while then start again.  Whatever.

*side note: this post is for all genders as well as all couples/dates.  Anyone can be the picnic thrower/guest and or gift giver/receiver.

And what to give as a gift?  It really doesn’t matter.  Give her a friggin’ rock you picked up on the beach sometime.  What you really have to do is tell her why you like her.  You can say it out loud or write a note or card but you can’t just say, ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’.  You have to say actual things about her you like.  It can be just a couple things too, don’t get mad at me about it.  But duh you like her, you put food on the floor didn’t you?  So now say why.  Lastly, make her a mix you can listen to while you picnic.  Which leads me to my true excuse for this post, I have more music on my mind today than fashion and I want to indulge myself about it, so there you go.

Everyone is caught up on Mumford and Sons fever and I am not exempt.  This is the song that triggered my obsession but the whole damn album is amazing and I have had it playing on repeat for too long to admit.

On a fashion note(is that why we’re here?) they prove you can dress up casually.  Also, I’d kill for some coordination in my foot so I could use a tambourine pedal.

The Avett Brothers will kill you.

If you are following me here, I think you should wear something like that henley with the suspenders look.  Cozy yet dressy.

Yes they are real brothers.  Yes you should comb your hair, brother.

I’m sure you caught this one last year but it never really gets old.  Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Home.


This band’s look is totally hobo-hippie-dandy.  I can get down with that.

Romantic.  Man shirt dress?

Ok, the romance has been dealt with.  Now get funky.  This song will break the turning the tables ice.  Lovage– Book of the Month from the album Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.  It’s crazy weird and I love it.  The video is maybe weirder than the song.

So I barely could give a shit about clothes today, I still probably cared more than the average Joe.  So I like nerdy sad man music.  So I told you how to romance a stone, deal with it and Good Day!

Oh, and have a picnic and make yourself a mix if no one else is going to do it for you.  Geez, do I have to tell you everything.


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  1. michaelvonbraithwaite

    This is enjoyable. Thank you for rescuing my work day, Plass.

  2. alexis

    thank you for this. it’s lovely.

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