The Gentleman’s Guide to Sneakers

There was a time when I died over sneakers.  But now my love for sneakers has died.  I’ve simply outgrown them.  I won’t tell you what to do or give you a dress your age lecture at this point.  I will say sneakers look immature on most adults.  I have seen it pulled off sure.  But, let it be said that I’ve also seen Crocs pulled off before.

Of course, sneakers are inevitable.  They are also appropriate often.  Like at the gym, or while engaging in a sport, while visiting foreign countries in which you will be walking to an extreme degree, or when you’re taking out the trash.  Finding grown-up sneakers without wearing grandpa sneakers is hard.  Here’s a few of my picks.

Let’s start with something amazing so we don’t get discouraged.  Adam Kimmel Mid-Tops for Autumn 2011.

Great right?  I mean, beyond acceptable.  I’ll take em’.  Sorry I have to wait till next Fall.

Recently someone asked me, ‘If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would you choose?’.  I chose black slip on Vans with black rubber souls.  I was backed into a corner, man.  I figured I needed something I could wear to a formal event as well as to the beach(my two favorite spots) without looking too moronic.  Well, I change my answer to Seavees for James Perse heavyweight knit slip-on sneakers.

Very similar obviously yet more comfortable I’m sure, more durable I’m sure, and a little warmer for the winter I’m sure.

But I don’t have to choose one pair forever!  And just cause I changed my forever pair doesn’t mean I’ve forsaken Vans.  I find them very appropriate for poolside and beach time.  Just stay away from checkered if you can legally order a gin and tonic.  Stick to Authentic.  Suitable for a sailboat even.

Right about now you’re starting to think I hate fun plus sneakers.  To prove you wrong and stay tuned into my love/hate relationship with Pendleton collabs.  I will say I very well think these Pendleton x Vans Vault Taka Hayashi sneakers could compliment an outfit without immaturing it.

Pointer sneakers which look exactly like chukkas.  Looks like desert boots acts like sneaker = perfect if you ask me.

Also, Pointer Tanju.  Penny loafer sneakers!

Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Sneakers with higher function.  For traveling that includes tons of walking the Adidas Original Stan Smith is a good choice.

Next up is getting into grandpa shoe territory.  My grandfather was the best dressed man I have ever known.  When he needed walking kicks his feet had on Reebok Club C’s.  They’re kinda nerdy yes.  Yet ripe with nostalgic appeal.

For the gym or walking I’m really into New Balance for J. Crew 1400.  New Balance are the most comfortable ever.  Super good arch support without hurting the arches and the ones with the plastic cap on the outside of the sneakers heel I find excellent for my crooked feet.  I just wish these ones for J. Crew would go on sale.

If you want to put fashion before function at the gym I wouldn’t blame you.  Wear the Nike Air Force Iguana for such occasion.  Still functional enough to get you through cardio I’m sure.

Yes, I do have a weird green and or green and white sneaker obsession.  When I was still crazy about sneakers I once had to put a ‘no new green sneakers’ rule on myself.

Good Day.



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  1. dr. sleep

    i really like those grandpappy plass ‘boks.

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