Made in America

While I am not opposed to the fashions of the whole world over maybe you’d like to support some good old fashioned made in America goods.  You don’t have to look bad to do so.  Here’s some of my favorite American made goods.

Alexander Olch makes great ties and bow ties in all sorts of fabrics.  He also makes round pocket hankerchiefs instead of square.  Makes way more sense and will fit much easier into your pocket.














Pierrepont Hicks accessories for men is run in Minnesota by couple Mac + Kat and their ties are manufactured in New York.  They make classic bow ties with interesting fabric choices as well as ties and kids ties and bow ties if you have a dapper little one.  Here’s their Nautical bow, Conrad bow and Rusty Zonker bow.

If you want a handmade leather belt for a reasonable price look no further than Edgar Leather.  This guy hand makes each belt to order often using sailing hardware for buckles.

Optimo Hats are made in Chicago and not only can you pick from the ready made collection you can also have them make you your own hat from scratch being a part of the design and ending up with a one of a kind for-your-head-only hat.

Makr Carry Goods in Florida has this awesome farm ruck sack.

Or how bout’ this back pack from Frost River.

Alden indy boot.  Here’s a pic of a barely worn pair with a very worn pair so you can see how they wear-in.  They also have oxfords and many other styles.

Quoddy shoes will cost you an arm and a leg but last a lifetime and get more and more comfortable the longer you wear them.  They are made in Maine, you can order them direct to your specifications straight from them but you’re better off finding a retailer as they may take months to arrive.  They come in an array of styles but here’s there tracker boot.

Woolrich Woolen Mills one of my all time favorite brands is in Pennsylvania.

Or for more affordable wool goods also made in the USA try Stormy Kromer.

Taylor Stitch right here in San Francisco has ready made shirts or you can have them tailor one just for you.  Here’s one of their ready made.

Ramblers Way was started by the same folks who started Tom’s of Maine, the all natural personal care products. They make clothing using superfine worsted wool(a thinner softer wool).  You might want to start brushing your teeth in these long johns which come in all different lengths and colors.  The henley looks cozy too.

Round House has been manufacturing USA made workwear for over 105 years in fact they are the only national brand of overalls still made in America.  How bout these bib in the front suspender in the backs.

Well of course there’s American made workwear you’re thinking but what about high fashion.  Well how about Thom Browne for you flashy guys.  I’m not a huge fan, but, I’m not a hater either.  Fall/Winter 2010.

And one for Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011.  Sadly, for me, these short suits are sticking around.  Oh well, you win some you lose some.  I’m sorry but this would just look better with pants or a jean jacket instead of the blazer, and if it’s so darn hot out why the knee socks and now there’s just weird knees sticking out.  Ok, enough this short suit issue can really get me going.  Maybe I am a Thom Browne hater.  I sure hate those loafers above with the what bow ties on them?  I’ll have to ruminate on this, or just never think about it again.

And since were getting into the spring of things here, Band of Outsiders is USA made, I’m pretty sure Martin Greenfield Clothiers in Brooklyn makes there stuff.  Here’s a couple of looks from the Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook.

I really love Engineered Garments made in New York.  One awesome thing about them is they most often use older gentlemen for the lookbooks.


Now that’s a short suit I can get behind, more casual and mismatched.

So of course these aren’t the only things made in the U.S of A, but, not a bad start if that’s what you’re looking for.

-Good Day to you


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