Back on the Chain Gang

I bring to you from Japan, Fullcount Jeans all-in-one coveralls.

It would be soooo easy to get dressed with these and check out how it looks like a shirt tucked into jeans from the back.  I’m very into it.

Would have been the perfect outfit for the icey cold walk on the beach with Rebel(my dog) last weekend.  Beach photo courtesy of Beth Flatley.

Announcement: the Soulland Adler Fedora is now available for purchase at Opening Ceremony.

When this hat came out last year I searched the interweb high and low, for embarrassingly long hours, for a place to purchase it stateside.  I would have given my eye teeth for the damn thing.  I mean, it’s a baseball cap/ fedora.  Anyways, now that it can be obtained I just bitterly scoff at the price.  Speaking of Soulland, here’s this from their Civilized Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

I guess they like mixing two things into one.  This is like a poncho/cardigan.  Super Americana, especially for a brand ‘rooted in Scandinavian craftsmanship’.

Bringing your lunch to work is good on your wallet and good for the world, you know less waste and stuff.  But pretty darn nerdy right?  Not if you have this.

The waxed canvas No. 215 Lunch tote from Artifact Bag Co. is made in America and made for your lunch.  I mean, no more nylon plasticky nerd alerts or some sort of vintage, leaking, inefficient lunch-box.

So, to be honest with ya’ll, I had no idea where this post was going when I started it.  Just started showing you stuff that’s good.  It’s all starting to remind me of a past post though.  So, I’m going back in time, incase you forgot.

These are from the N.Hoolywood 2011 S/S collection and I must be obsessed because this is the 2nd time I’ve talked about it here and the millionth time it’s crossed my mind.

These here jeans in the last pic are where I get particularly obsessed.  I’ve seriously thought about bringing this picture to a tailor and saying ‘make me these at any cost thank you’.  I’m not a jean guy.  I mean I wear them almost daily like most folks, but, I don’t like to think about them.  And I really don’t want to think about different denims, selvedge blah blah it all sounds like Peanuts teachers to me.  But, I want these jeans.

I recently discovered, Anachronorm, another Japanese brand with a very similar aesthetic.  And they are starting to be carried stateside.  Here’s their take on what look like the same jeans to me.

Here’s some other interesting items from Anachronorm,


Online shop Union has some of their stuff.  They don’t have the jeans I want but that’s ok I would probably bitterly scoff at the price instead of purchasing them anyhow.  Or would I?  We’ll never know.

-Good Day to you.



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  1. amer

    How much the coverall jeans ?

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