Bringing Back the Ghost of Hollywood

I’ll say it: Los Angeles is the most glamorous city in the west. Yes, bespangled butts are rampant but the streets still sing with history, and the history looks like this:


Marlene Dietrich


And everyone knows how I feel about THIS GUY:




And then of course there’s the lovely Audrey Hepburn:


Hepburn with her pet (?!) deer, Pippin


Let’s not think about the pet deer part. Or how her most famous movie was set in New York. Let’s instead contemplate our current Hollywood celebrity power couple:



I mean, fine. I guess. Jolie is strangely hot but, alas, too strange. Pitt is… chiseled.  For context, this is the Hollywood power couple of old:


Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall


And this is the RUMORED hot Hollywood couple of old, who are even more glamorous:


Cary Grant and Randolph Scott




Probably not.


Anyway, I know that New York has won the sophistication title for the States for years now, but I’d like to offer that–due to perhaps the renewed interest in all things nautical/surfer-y/sunshine-y– men’s fashion is looking more to Old Hollywood than Old New York and we’re better for it.
I’m particularly impressed by the new collection from Balmain, who prove that the French (along with the Japanese) can always do American better than America can:


From the Balmain Lookbook


And this:



Also, check out this GQ/Band out Outsiders spread for a winter-y version on the same theme:


Band out Outsiders/GQ


I love the nerd-out SoCal dream look, probably because I’m a big fan of brooding-meets-beach-day. Why? Because that describes my favorite kind of afternoon. Kafka on the shore? OBVIOUSLY! Toss in a picnic of bread, fruit and cheese and I am having a time!


To ghosts of old!

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Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:


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  2. michaelvonbraithwaite

    Cary Grant and Randolph Scott look super dreamy together!

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