The Things I Saw

Here’s some shots I took over the last few weeks.


How the West was won.  Excellente.

Bolo ties are on the up-rise and this is the best one I’ve seen out there so far.

Just chillin’ in a mansion for Holiday festivities.

Fez.  Don’t see one a these often.

Yes Yes Yes!  The patterns and textures are great here.  That knit tie is killer.

And these are the boots my pal Hillen wore with the above shot.  Also great and look very comfortable.

Dig these shoes.  They certainly answer the question black or brown dress shoes?  Which I’ve been asking myself a lot lately as I don’t currently own any dress shoes.  Dear wearer, get another inch or 2 off the length of these pants so they wont balloon at the bottom.

The following shots were taken at the SF Antique Mall.

Safari hats.  Too bad I had no safaris in sight.  I especially like the one in the middle with leather straps.

This vintage leather doctor bag is beautiful and had a shoulder strap which is unusual for this kind of bag.

2 vintage Royal Stetson hats.

Check out these victorian era shoes.  Holy shit, these are serious.  And seriously old.

Vintage Samsonite luggage.  Before the wheel was invented.

And another good-looking suitcase.

Vintage children’s clothing just makes me think of children ghosts.  Is that just me?

Not super into fur coats on ladies.  It gives a shapeless blob like look most of the time.  I thought this cape-y, shawl thing was pretty darn cool though.

This insane bowling bag came complete with shoes and ball.  Chain not included.

Possibly Danish? military jacket.


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One comment

  1. pagemcbee

    Love this stuff. PS CHILDREN GHOSTS! So creepy!

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