It’s almost New Years Eve!! That means cocktail dresses. Here is yours truly in my outfit for NYE 2008:

This is a Betsy Johnson cocktail dress that I got for 50% off because there was a teensy tear in the tulle.  I had the hat custom airbrushed at Durant Mall in Oakland. My DJ friends threw a house party and had this fancy photo back-drop — that was a good NYE!!

NYE is the one night that anyone can get away with short, shiny, and sexxxy! Come on! Do it! I don’t care if you are super invested in the grandma-chic hipster look and you’ve been wearing secretary blouses and leather loafers all year — please, just for one night, wear something sparkly! like one of these looks from carmelita couture:

or something from the King of short, tight, & shiny, Max Azria for Herve Leger:

But if you don’t have over a G to spend on a dress, try these options from Modcloth:

I was sure this had to be a Betsy Jhonson dress when I saw it, but it’s not! It’s by a collective of Paris-based designers called Eyedoll. If I was buying a dress for new years, it would be this one. Worn with some equally crazy/ostentatious shoes like maybe one of these from Irregular Choice:

…and Zero other accessories, plain hairdo. You feel me? If only. This year, I am going to a conservative religious sit-down thing so I will be dressed accordingly in an LBD and only slightly sexy gold strappy shoes. It’s going to be great. But it’s not going to be sequins and pistols :).

Also: VINTAGE!! One of my favorite vintage cocktail designers is Ciel Chapman. He’s really famous among collectors but not so well known outside of enthusiasts. You can find his work sometimes at vintage retailers like vintageous.com Here are some examples:

Here are some other vintage treasures from Vintageous:

The last swanky 70s number is Sarmi, and part of a collection of 120 gowns the people at vintageous scored from the estate of the former CEO of Sarmi. Gasp!

But please, whether vintage or new age or something else, wear something shiny for me this NYE. And celebrate and smooch and drink champagne and feel sexy and alive and like 2011 is going to be the best best year yet!!




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i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.

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