Clothes of Christmas Movies Past

When I was a kid we were required to dress up for Christmas dinner.  I mean the whole 9 yards.  I found it quite gruesome to put on uncomfortable clothes to play with new toys but it made things more momentous.  Nowadays, just like every other occasion, only ladies seem to dress up.  I’m sorry, but, if a lady has to wear uncomfortable shoes all day why should I not be required to put on a tie.  Tie’s aren’t even uncomfortable.  I never understand when guys say they are.  Maybe your shirt collar is too small, that’s not the ties fault.  I don’t like to wear em’ when it’s hot but when it’s cold I sometimes wear one just to avoid a scarf.  These days all a guy’s gotta do it seems is put on a polo in the summer or any old button-down or sweater in the winter and it’s considered ‘nice’.  I call bullshit.  Anyway, I could rant about this forever so instead I’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane.

I only watched the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ once because it was sad and maybe some scene with an empty pool(did this exist?) stressed me out and made me feel empty inside.  Here’s what they wore though.

Check out the diamond knit trim at the bottom and cuffs of young George Bailey’s jacket!

That’s Gloria Grahame with an awfully good look.
Maybe I should watch this movie again because what? he was playing football in falling down muddy pants and a striped turtleneck with a number 3?!  Then a minute later canoodling a lady in a robe?!  Well I guess it is a wonderful life.
Now for the movie, ‘Christmas In Connecticut’, which I don’t think I ever saw, which is weird because I grew up in the CT and as I type this I’m in Connecticut for Christmas.  Ok here’s one,
Whoa.  Fyi, none of my Christmas’ in Connecticut have ever looked like that.  I’m open to it though, I’ll let you know if anything changes next week.
In ‘A Miracle on 34th Street’ (a movie I pretty much loathe for no reason I can remember),
even Santa was sharp(and crazy for real right?).
Ok, enough old-timey shit.
I love the hat Charlie wore for tree hunting.
I don’t know what it is, but, Home Alone 1 is probably my favorite ever Christmas movie.  It’s sad, suspenseful, funny, sad again, every kind of kid redemption possible, just perfect.  2 wasn’t bad either, but I’m sticking with 1.
There’s Macaulay Culkin looking very Ralph Lauren kids.
The only movie that could possibly top it and definitely tops it fashion wise is ‘A Christmas Story’.
Wool coat mania.  Check out the kid in the camel duffle coat and plaid ear mitts.
What is going on people?  Are those double-breasted overalls that Ralphie’s kid brother is wearing!  I’ll take em’.  I like Ralphie’s outfit too.  But DOUBLE BREASTED PLAID OVERALLS people, come on.

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  1. Beth

    I was gonna say, PLAID EAR MUFFS! Sooo nice!

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