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Here are some shots of people I’ve taken over a while but never got to.  Enjoy.

I personally love denim on denim.  The Canadian suit.  I also love the blue laces in the hiking boots.

Cute jacket.

This was back in Fall.  Love San Francisco for allowing white anytime.  Liked him throwing the chukkas in for the Fall touch.

Basically if you look like Kris Kristofferson I will like your look.

Yes to these saddle shoes and good sock combo.

I asked this girl if her shoes were vintage.  ‘Forever 21 or something’ she responded very embarrassed.

I have a love/hate relationship with men wearing pants tucked into boots.  It’s serious, whenever I see it I Love it! and then I Hate it!  It goes back in forth in my head like that till I can’t see it anymore.  Also, I’m sick of skinny jeans and these are the skinniest.  But, I like how hard this guy went for the equestrian look.

Normally I would never endorse such a sporty raggedy look.  But I don’t know, I thought this guy was somehow making it good.  I think it’s the Reeboks and red backpack.

Nautical holiday!

The best part about Holiday season to me is that people seem to dress up more.  This guy is spot on.

That’s James in his fathers Harris Tweed jacket.  His dear ol’ dad had it tailored in London in 1966.  Proof of quality clothing with lasting style.

Driving gloves.  I’ve wondered what anyone in San Francisco would need with such a thing.  And here is the answer, for holding cold cocktails outside.

This guy reminded me of Inspector Gadget.  In a good way.


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