Dear Santa, One Man’s Gift Guide

Here is a list of things I want.  I am not asking real people, but, Santa for these things as money and availability are of no consequence to that guy.  Anyway, if you’re not Santa this could help you out with some gift giving ideas.

First off, I’ve wanted Portland General Store cologne for quite some time now.  The problem was that the first two scents I heard of were Whiskey and Tobacco.  I thought great, but wont I smell like a hangover or trucker who smokes cigars all day in the cab of my truck?  I still wanted them don’t get me wrong.  Just not willing to shell out $ on the question that remains.  That’s where Santa comes in.

The awesome thing about these guys cologne is that they are made from old recipes from the 1920’s and 30’s.  They have a lot more scents now, including Cognac (smells like a tasting room hidden in a castle), Wood, Moss, Professor (smells like old books and art in a secret office hidden in vintage corridors), Cardamom, Maine (smells like wool blankets, sea salt wood, old books and a leather airmchair) and the limited edition scent Smoke.  Their descriptions of the scents are priceless.  A lot of these are unisex by the way.

But, the one I want the most is Palo Santo.  I burn a palo santo stick regularly to scare away ghosts, how much more convenient will it be for me to wear it on me.

Think wallets are a boring gift?  Not if they’re awesome.  They are boring to spend you’re own hard earned cash on so a good one as a present is great.

This Maxx & Unicorn bi-fold is hand-tooled and seamless and handcrafted in Brooklyn.  It is constructed from a single piece of leather folded and glued using a pattern from the 1940’s.

Similarly, you may think an eyeglass case is boring.  But, I’m just going to keep using a big ugly silver one I got for free until Santa puts this in my stocking.

This Tanner Goods eyeglass case would make me feel more than happy to pull out my nerdicals.

If I had these Drakes London narrow braces(suspenders) I would have proper buttons put on all my pants for them.

Why is root beer free of alcohol you wonder?  Well, in the 1700’s Native Americans taught settlers to make ‘root tea’, the tea grew in potency until the Temperance Movement.  The alcohol was then removed and ‘root tea’ was re-dubbed root beer.

Art in the Age, a community of free-thinking artists hell-bent on bringing art into everyday life, now brings us Root.  I would like to sip this as nectar arisen from a grave kept at a root preserving temperature.

What will I carry it in?

Duh, this Stanley flask I don’t need.  Or, maybe because I haven’t carried a flask since I was in my early 20’s I’d be better off with this thermos for coffee.

I think this hat would go well with said flask or thermos.

It’s a Filson mackinaw cap.

But speaking of hats, way back in the day I posted about Dennis Hopper.  In that post was this hat.  And not a week has gone by since that I haven’t wished I own it.

It’s the Stetson 4X Open Road Fur Felt.

If it got cold here I wouldn’t mind receiving these Pendleton gloves.

Or these, Fox River ones

And socks really aren’t all that bad when they’re red heels also from Fox River.

Think that a dopp kit is nothing to think about?  Think again.  This Kenton Sorenson kit might make you switch to a more attractive toothbrush.

Seriously Santa, I’ll take these boots too.

Wolverine 1000 originals.

You may not be thinking about sunglasses about now.  But, I am.  Mostly because Persol released these bad boys.

These are an updated version of the foldable 714’s.

Originally worn by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Monitaly coat.

This Leica M9 titanium camera designed by some VW guy would make shooting pictures super stylish.  It costs more than I could sell my soul to the devil for by the way.

And to carry all my goods, I’ll take this Globe-Trotter suitcase.

Ok great, can’t wait to find all this stuff under the tree I don’t have X-mas morning.  Seriously though, I’ll be happy with some hot cider thank you.


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  1. I feel this, all of it, deep in my soul. You have created a poem about life. (A very expensive poem about life).

  2. pagemcbee

    I have also been coveting those Persol sunglasses & that fucking RAD Kenton Sorenson kit! You know it looks BETTER when it gets spilled on/beat around? That’s obviously awesome.

  3. Leo Plass

    Page I did know that! I wish I was smearing toothpaste on it right this minute.

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