God, did it RAIN today in the Bay Area.  It took me over 90 minutes to drive the 13.5 miles home from work today. That’s an average speed of 9 miles an hour btw. Meaning if your legs work ok you could bike faster than that.

Anyway, my comforts in dealing with the rain are my green hunter wellies and my vintage umbrella:

I love this umbrella.  The one red section, the one light blue section… the navy with light blue — it’s just enough bright to be cheery without being juvenile.

When my nephew recently came to town to visit, he purchased a Burberry umbrella — a little steep for my taste but I’m not one to shake a finger at those invested in a classic brand:

Speaking of expensive umbrellas, here is one by Marc Jacobs from fall 2009:

I saw not one but two umbrellas by Marimekko on the streets of SF today, their signature floral is super recognizable due to their textiles being sold at Ikea for years:

Every rainy season I see someone with this umbrella, and every time I see it I like it, and then am ashamed for liking it because It seems like people who say things like “isn’t that neat!” would like this umbrella.  But whatever. I like it. It is inspired by Rene Magritte, and I like Rene Magritte.

When I was a kid, I had a clear umbrella with rainbow hearts on it that was shaped more like a bell than your average umbrella. I LOVED that umbrella. I couldn’t find anything like that umbrella available today in size adult, but I did find this:

It’s whimsical and fun.  I dare the person having a shitty rainy day to try not to be cheerful when they see you walking down the street with this. I DARE THEM!!

Speaking of kids umbrellas, If I had a kid, I hope they would like this umbrella:

…because I love it! Circus! How cute is the little trapeze artist?

And also, here is Rihanna “modeling” one of the umbrellas in the line she came out with in 2007 after her hit song “umberella.”  As you can see, Rihanna herself is much more appealing than the umberella. Though I do like the way she paired the color-change pink/purple shiny umbrella with a  simple-silhouette orange patent shoe… both stand out against her all black outfit and compliment each other nicely.

Hope you are all staying dry out there!




About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. blevit

    Here in Portland, everyone acts too cool to use an umbrella. I tell you what—it’s the only way I stay dry for real. Nice selection. I like the clear one best that hangs low over your face.

  2. At the risk of Briar calling me a dandy, I’ll say I swear by my Duncan Quinn here in Portland. Umbrella haters be jealous!

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