Don’t Sweat It Guys

I’m obsessed with sweaters today.  But before I get going on that, check out this guy I ran into while drinking a most delicious iced latte and eating a most delicious sandwich at Tartine Bakery the other day.

I was seriously jealous of this guys jacket, tie, shirt combo.  And I wasn’t the only one.  When his  lady companion came out of the bathroom and saw what was going on(me taking his photo) she said menswear has gotten so much more interesting then womenswear that it’s making her feel frumpy!

Today, on another coffee drinking excursion, at Four Barrel this time, I saw this dude.

Sheep, trees, flowers, mountains, clouds!  I shoulda’ mugged this guy for that sweater.

And so it is that I have spent the rest of today thinking about perfect sweaters.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s bone cold outside.  Or, that it’s holiday season.  Though, I’ll wear a holiday sweater any time it’s cold out, holiday or not.  I’ll start by showing you some Ralph Lauren sweaters.  Though a lot of people may scoff at mere mention of Ralph, I am a diehard fan.  This comes from growing up in Connecticut without 2 pennies to rub together, as my mother would say.  I did spend some time in my youth pondering why rubbing 2 pennies together would be helpful.  Anyway, some of Ralph’s greatest successes are sweaters so here.

Those 2 both have toggle closures.

And that one has MOOSE.  And a hood.  Thanks Ralph.

Maybe you’d rather go for a French Nautical look.  If so look no further then these by Saint James.

Saint James is actually a French brand though.  If you can’t find a store near you that carries em’ then you can order them stateside at UnionMade.

Or, maybe you’re feeling more Irish Fisherman about a sweater.  In which case you should get a cable knit like this one here Steve McQueen is modeling for you.  I’m not going to tell you where to get one, but I will say that finding a nice vintage one is worth it’s weight in gold.

Or perhaps you prefer Norwegian Fisherman.  L.L. Bean went back to their archives to bring this Norwegian Fisherman’s sweater back to us and I’ve been eying it for a while.

I’m not super into those big chunky cardigans that are in right now because I think they look dumpy, or immature or something.  I really don’t know what my problem is and now that I’ve talked about it, I’ll probably be wearing one tomorrow.  Anyway, I like this one by Folk cause it’s got chunky cardigan style in a sleeker package.

Here’s a cardigan gone Cosby by Opening Ceremony.

My favorite cardigan to show you is this one though.

I really love how it’s got a shirt collar.  It’s from Topman so no doubt they copied it from someone else.  I only care though cause I’d like to see the original.

I’m also really into whatever is going on with this Stephan Schneider sweater.

These ducks by Rugby are cool.

Ok, I might be over my sweater obsession for now.  I can’t lay eyes on any more right now, so I can show you no more.  Goodbye until next week.


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  1. Lizzy

    anything Steve McQueen is A-O.K. by me. He’s dreamy.

  2. michaelvonbraithwaite

    Steve McQueen is wearing the EXACT sweater I’ve been looking for for months in women’s sizes. Why is it so hard to find!! Also, as per usual, we are of one mind when it comes to post topics– I was going to post about my sweater obsession next Monday. Alas. Well done, sir!

    • blevit

      I think you might be better off looking for kids sizes? I’m not being cheeky. What about J Crew? Seems like something they might have?

  3. pagemcbee

    THIS POST IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leo Plass

    Gap actually has a cute womens cable knit sweater with a wide crew neck and interesting detail on the arms. Otherwise, General Store in the outer sunset sometimes has a handful of vintage cable knits in an array of sizes.

  5. dr. sleep

    delightful, as always. that Folk cardigan is to die for!

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