hard out here for a sneaker pimp

So I used to rock sneakers.  And I wanna go back to that. It ain’t that I don’t LOVE hard shoes and boots.  A sick pair of heels makes me wanna hold my crotch and bite my thumb, and always will.

But I am ready to change up my shoe game.  In case you didn’t know, the sneaker scene is intense. Fashion Week really has nothing on the sneaker game when it comes to the variety and proliferation of creativity.  Probably because with most sneakers being priced $200 or less, the scene is hella more accessible than high fashion and has hella more potential contributors.

There is NO WAY I can even give you anything sort of representative of what all is out there, so I’m just finna post some stuff I like.  Up first, some Dunks:



Oooh neutrals… so classy. Love the texture from the animal print. For a sneaker pimp, these are dress shoes.



mmmm stripes.


These are custom Back to The Future Dunks by 3R Customs, a wearable interpretation based on the pair Michael J. Fox wore in the movie.  Dunks have been around since the 80s, but have become hecka more popular since 1. Nike introduced the Dunk SB, a skateboard specific shoe (the original Dunk was a basketball shoe) and 2. Pharell and Lupe made it cool for black people to wear skateboarding shoes (hence everyone else also wanting to wear them).


This pair is by TTK, a custom shoe artist who’s been working in the medium since 1994.

I do happen to own one pair of dunks… havent gotten around to putting clipless pedals on my bike yet but since Nike decided to make some BMX shoes I decided to buy some.


These are part of a series Nike made to celebrate BMX being an official Olympic sport in 2008. Normally I am against red-white-and-blue, especially when it is ON PURPOSE to represent the USofA.  But these shoes were so sick. And the buying them anyway makes me more American than anything. I should think about that some more.

I am not super into Jordans. Ok, I’m not into Jordans at all. But I would be remiss not to rep them a little in a post about the sneaker game. People go CRAZY for Jordans.  I remember when I lived in NYC my cousin used to send me money to buy him Jordans because they came out a few weeks earlier there.



The first Jordans came out in 1985.  At the time, their bright red and black colorway was against NBA rules, and Michael Jordan was fined $5,000 per game that he wore them.


These are the ten year anniversary Jordans which, in a marketing hijinx, actually came out in 1994, 9 years after the original.


Hard to read, but the print in the red strips on the soles details Michael Jordan’s accomplishments since the release of the original Jordans, including record scoring and championship mvps.

If you hate Nike like a lot of good people do, how about Supra instead?


I’m prolly hella late to the party, but I just discovered this brand at Cross Roads in the Castro last weekend.  Sick!!  I really dig the proportions of this sneaker, with the large ankle opening.


Another design from Supra.

Like I said, this post doesn’t even blow the dust off what is out there.  There are people who specialize in customizing pumas, addidas, kswiss… and sneaker companies do A LOT of limited edition releases — even new balance now markets to sneaker pimps.

Lastly, since my IBC cohorts seem to be obsessed with Pendleton, and since the meeting of the accesible with the esoteric is my own obsession, I leave you with…

Pendleton Dunks.




About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. Just Nike and Supra? Oh there are way better fancy sneaks out there. I’m a bit of a pimp myself.

  2. Leo Plass

    I own the pendleton dunks. Nike were actually, I think, the first to start the Pendleton collab craze. It took hours of online research and resorting to buying these a size too big to land them.

    • carrieleilamlove

      Leo, that’s commitment! And I want to see the Pendleton Dunks styled in an outfit, please. Please? Seriously. Post Pics. Big Love.

      • Leo Plass

        I will think about it but, I got them a few years back and actually barely wear them these days. Except when I go hiking. Which happens about 1-2 times a year.

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