Luke Razza


This guy is Luke Razza.  Luke Razza is the genius who designed all the jewelry featured below.  I happen to collect his work.  Every time I wear a Razza necklace, I get compliments on it all day long.  My face is hella jealous of these necklaces.

Here I am wearing the first piece I collected from Razza’s zodiac series, the longhorn bull.  I am a Taurus. That means I seem hella calm and maybe even serene but if you fuck with me I will flip my shit. I may be smiling in this picture but right after it was taken an old dude told me I looked like a “hot savage indian” and I spat in his face and poured my PBR down his shirt. I didn’t even bother to take my earrings off first.

Here I am wearing Aquarius, the water bearer. Aquarius is my moon sign.  I wear this one when I am feeling eeeeaaaaaasy.

Both of the pics of me wearing Gemini are from the Mendecino Power Union of fellow IBC writers Page McBee and Michael Braithwaite.  I wear Gemini a lot because its shape makes it go great with an open neckline and because it says WATCH OUT! I might play you the harp or I might beat you with this club!! People don’t fuck with crazy. Also, the very fuzzy but kind of readable Love and New York pins I’m wearing in the last pic are both by Razza.


I’m wearin Aries, and I let my girl Faye Go rock the bull. We are dressed like that because we are cheering for our All Star Team at a Roller Derby Tournament. Not that I wouldn’t wear that to get groceries. Because I would. But that day I was reppin hard for my ladies.

Razza’s most well known pieces are from the figural zodiac series but there is a lot more Razza out there!! First off, he has a second zodiac series, but they are medallions:

These are Aries and Virgo.  And you know what’s hecka cute? Razza didn’t want the kiddies to be left out of the zodiac obsession of the 70s:

And since it’s for kids, it’s educational! The back tells you all about the qualities of your zodiac sign.

And now, take a moment to look back at the photo of Luke Razza at the top of the post. Look at that man. And picture him pitching the series below to his business manager:

Oh man. There’s Luke with his open shirt and his chest hair and maybe an Italian tough-guy accent and he’s like, “Puppies in baskets. It’s fucking cute.” …or something.  And just in case the puppies weren’t precious enough…


He also did a series of things coming out of eggs, of which the earrings below are my favorite:

The best thing about the more precious Razza stuff is that even though it intends to be precious, it is all kind of creepy.  Look at those beady little chickadee eyes!! Freaky.

I’m going to leave you with the Razza Piece I most want to own after rounding out my figural zodiac collection.  It is weird.  I love it because it’s so quotidian.  I often find little things like the smell of dinner in a skillet inspiring, and maybe so did Luke Razza.  Maybe he just felt like sometimes whats on the stove is just as important as what the stars are telling us about our lives.

May your skillet always be hot and frying up something delicious!




About Carrie Leilam Love

i love words, babies, and shoes better than everything.


  1. Melinda Houston

    Carrie really knows how to wear Razza with such style.

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