Winter Boot Economics

If you haven’t noticed, boots are everywhere this winter which is awesome because they’re so handy. I love style that is functional, graceful and powerful.


Speaking of, even though I think war is wrong I am a big fan of military-inspired fashion. I understand that this makes me complicated but hey coming up against your own contradictions is what makes life interesting.

Yeah, that’ s deep. Anyway, look no further than New York Fashion week to find the utilitarian elegance that characterizes a military-inspired look:


Yigal Azrouël


And the boots have gone military, too. If you have a million dollars you can buy these from Band of Outsiders. And if I see you in them I will cry and beg you for them:


Band of Outsiders


And in case you can’t visualize an amazing result:


Band of Outsiders




What’s so great about all the buttons and clasps and brown/greens is that they’re classic. As you may know from my black t-shirt experiment, I have been interested lately in style that stays relevant over the flash-pan of fads. I think that there’s a way to dress well and maintain a sense of self in the face of the schizophrenic whims of Paris and Milan and New York.


Not that I’m throwing out my fashion magazines and starting a revolution. I’m just experimenting with a little understatement, a little quiet cool.

So with this in mind, I have begun scouring army/navy stores for boots that are affordable and beautiful. I just bought these Canadian combat boots from Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters.


Canadian combat boots


I know that “Canadian combat boots” sound like a paradox but whatever. Either way, the boots were $38! Thanks, Canada.  (Speaking of, I actually don’t know anyone who can pull off US combat boots post-nineties. That’s one look I can’t see coming back. Or I don’t want to see coming back).


Or maybe you want to buy these FUCKING RAD rainboots for $24 from


Rubber Knee Boots


And, as per usual, the Europeans have somehow extended their predilection for smart, stylish design to combat:


Dutch Army Boots


These boots are used by reenactors of some WWII shit which is totally weird but they cost $65! Find them here.


The great thing about military clothing is that it’s available and affordable. Just remember that it’s all about subtlety. Don’t get it twisted and wear a trench coat + combat boots + a backpack, etc. Then you’ll look industrial goth and nobody needs that walk down Marilyn Manson memory lane.


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