West of the Wonder Wheel

Artist Samara Halperin made a miniature Coney Island!  There were clam shacks, cotton candy, and of course a ferris wheel, all mini mini.  If you missed the opening you can still view the mini Coney Island at Southern Exposure in San Francisco.  Or you can wait for Tumbleweed Town 2 the film to come out.  The set for Tumbleweed town is the mini Coney Island.

Here is Halperin at the opening which had real cotton candy and an ice cream truck and games and guys in white and red striped jackets standing on crates yelling shit.

Whoa.  It’s like Boardwalk Empire hits Coney Island.  Plaid, meet polka dots, you’ll get along famiously.

People really partook in the art experience at this one.  Here is Harmony Urmston pulling an amazing look.

She said she walked through Dolores Park earlier and some kids laughed at her saying “look at that Little House on the Prairie bitch.”.  This made her feel very vindicated about her outfit.  Here here well done.

Here’s Harmony’s boot.  She designed these herself and had them hand-made by Suzanne George at Suzanne George Shoes on Church Street in San Francisco.  Apparently the whole process took almost a year and involved wooden foot molds, fittings and such.  The outcome: amazing.

Here we have an example of Pendleton x Who Knows or Cares, in the flesh.

Check out Myles’ glasses.  He’s got a massive glasses collection and is somewhat of a connoisseur on the topic.  I think these ones are Dita, but what do I know.  I do know I like the matte finish on em’.

Great look altogether, really like the colors he put together.  Those shoes are made by Timberland Boot Company.  I own a pair myself and they are so comfortable it’s unbelievable.  Seriously, more comfortable then some sneakers even.

Here they are close-up.

Tre Italiano.

Timberland Boot Company make some kick-ass boots too.

Speaking of shoes, this couple had cute ones.

So did this girl.  Look brand new but cost $4.67 at a Goodwill in Sebastopol.  I tried to get a shot of the price written in marker on the bottom of em but it wouldn’t work so you’ll just have to believe me.

And some more cute lady boots.

Ok ok, enough on that.  Overall I liked this guys look.

Docksiders in a mellow shade really make this one.

Here’s an easy classic look that works on just about anyone.  I don’t see why this is harder to wear then a hoody and T.

And here we have a little southwestern touch.

And speaking of bags, you could buy these totes at the opening to commemorate the occasion.

I’ll leave you with this.

Check out the babe buying a pretzel.


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  1. Michelle Tea

    Overall I really like this blog. Ha!

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