Rainy Days and Freezing Nights

It’s time batten down the hatches.  It’s winter and here in SF that means rain and cold cold nights.  Don’t be a hero man.  Dress appropriately and get a god-damn umbrella for one thing.  But more importantly you need a warm coat and a raincoat.  I’ve always had a love affair with coats and jackets.  I used to thrift millions of them.  But, as I’ve gotten older it’s the more classic ones I’ve drifted towards.  A few good bucks spent on a couple good coats will get you through any occasion or lack there of.

Hello, rain coats don’t have to be yellow.  Nor should your coats say North Face on them.  Even if your standing on the side of a mountain.  Penfield has always made nice coats for all kinds of weather.  Like this one above.  This coat could help you make it through a rain or wind storm and seriously, what year and time would it be out of style in?

They can be yellow though,

Albam Fishermen’s Cagoule.  Cagoule = raincoat.  These come in other colors too.  Also, they’re made from waxed cotton, not rubber, so you won’t be making your own rain inside of them.  And the hood is detachable.  Leave it to the Brits to handle rain issues.

Or, you could get super classic and go trench,

This one from Aquascutum would be a good choice.  Thing is, if your raincoat doesn’t have a hood don’t forget your umbrella!

Next up on the rain front, cover your feet.  Luckily, guys have it easier then ladies in this department.  We don’t end up with the “cutesy galoshes” referenced by IBC’s Michael in Drown The Duckies.  We’ve got some good rain feet choices.

Hunter Wellies like these here lace-ups as well as the originals are by far my favorite.  I’ve got a pair myself and I don’t think I could ever make it through a winter walking my dog again without them.  Not to be gross but even if I step in muddy dog poop it’s no biggy in these.

Second runner up,

Bean Boots from L.L.Bean.

Third runner up and possibly the most comfortable,

These Converse All Stars are pretty damn cool.

And how about these if you need something more streamlined,

Tretorn makes these puppies.

Truth be told though, you could just spray your leather boots with waterproof spray and save yourself some dough if your not splashing in puddles much.

Ok, so now you need a warm coat for when it’s not raining, but, freezing instead.  I’ve been wearing the same winter coat for 3 years in a row now.  It’s a Spiewak pea coat that my mom got me for Christmas a few years back.  She ordered it from a Restoration Hardware catalog, which is weird.

This is how I found out that classic is best with coats seeing as I’m going on my 4th winter with it as my primary winter coat.

Right now Duffle coats are super popular.  Known as Toggle coats by the kids.  Gloverall were the first manufacturer of Duffle coats.  Duffle referred to the wool used to make them which was woven in the Belgium town, Duffel.  The toggles were used so that Navy men could fasten their coat while wearing thick gloves.  Gloverall is doing a bunch of collabs with a bunch of people on coats right now.

But I don’t see why because here they  are making the same coat they have since the 50’s and it’s perfect just the way it is.

It was originally made in camel.  Gloverall’s got em in all different fits, shades and toggles.


On a more casual outdoorsy note,



I love this coat.  It’s South Willard by Crescent Down Works.  Crescent Down Works is a cool little operation in Seattle started by this lady Anne who had worked for Eddie Bauer and just loved down sportswear.

Ok, stay dry.  And warm.



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  1. Michael von Braithwaite

    100% YES at all of those boots, Mr. Plass! IBC team jump high five!

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