Drown the Duckies

In sputtering  starts and stops, it begins: the Bay Area rainy season.  Though this Fall hasn’t been a repeat of last year’s premature October and November deluge, we have already been getting  weekend-long previews of what’s to come this Winter. So far I don’t like the preview. I like the rain, but the undying dedication to cutesy galoshes is already wearing thin on my sensibilities. The onslaught of bright giraffe prints, little duckies, hearts, and all other manner of precious kitschy galoshes is a tired seasonal tradition. I’m not talking about toddlers taking to the streets, no kindergartners traipsing about making themselves known in rubberized vinyl.  These are self-respecting (supposedly) grown ups! Grown ups, I say! And I don’t want anyone saying, “but Michael even Fendi made their brightly-colored graffiti galoshes.” It’s stupid for graffiti to be on designer galoshes. I’m a  hater. I admit it.

But I get it. It rains. A lot. And having wet feet is a total bummer situation. Wet feet can ruin days, ruin relationships, ruin socks. Presentable shoes simply won’t get the job done. Wrong. You don’t have to slip your dogs into squeaky, gaudy monstrosities. Here is a list of my favorite dignified footwear options for the rainy West.




Sperry Topsider Hingham rain boots exist!

Somehow Sperry manages to come through for any possible occasion. These Topsider rain boots successfully  straddle equestrian fun and impromptu puddle-jumping moments.








Did you know that Sperry ALSO makes ankle rain boots? I did. Nothing says “I’m breezy about rain” like a pair of ankle boots.






Maybe you just prefer the galoshes sort of feel. Fine, but don’t resort to skull and crossbones from Payless. We all know you’re going to the office, anyway. That’s not what piracy was about. If you really want to go classic rain boot, then stick with the English.

Wellingtons! Outstanding in every field.


You can get rain boots with laces. These boots with laces, by Bog, come with a woolen collar for optimal warmth. I want to live in these boots.



Finally, my favorite rain boots were featured in Elle in 2009 as worn by their editorial intern. They are vintage and incorporate herringbone fabric. They are an inspiration. Learn it.




About Michael von Braithwaite

Does it look like I'd wear it on a boat, at an eccentric person's estate or accompanied by a peacock on a chain? Yeah, I'll probably buy that.


  1. blevit

    Lovely picks! Sadly, my favorite is the vintage pair too. I want them!!

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