Boardwalk Empire Takes the Helm

Move over Mad Men!  Boardwalk Empire, a new show on HBO, is ready to take the style helm now.

Here is Steve Buscemi, as Nucky Thompson, on the show.  The colors are fucking amazing.

The show itself I find boring as hell, but, I keep tuning-in to see the outfits.  I don’t like big Hollywood film and this show thinks it is one.  Probably because Martin Scorsese is in charge.  It’s heavy on slow moving glossy filming and light on character development.  Note to Boardwalk Empire crew: I don’t show up in front of my TV ready to care about a character because I saw a commercial with his face while a moving song played.  Give me reason!

Michael Kenneth Williams handles the bow-tie.  Refreshing to see a bow-tie how it’s intended to be worn, with a suit, instead of skinny jeans and leather jacket.  Not hatin’, just sayin’.

Everyone wears hats on this show.  But, only outside.

So, you think these looks are too clean cut?  How about a face prosthetic as an awesome fashion accessory?

Nice mustache and eyebrow work here.

The subtle contrast on the trim of this vest is amazing.

But, the real reason I can’t stop watching is the Jimmy Darmody character played by Michael Pitt.  He’s got a more dressed down earth-tone vibe going on.

Work shirt with wool suit and overcoat.  Great.

Kill me now.  Best outfit ever.

He’s been getting more fancied-up.  Which might ruin the whole show for me.  I really do just watch to see what he’ll be wearing.  But still, not bad.

So, you think these looks are inaccessible?  You’re wrong.  Ralph Lauren Purple Label have been doing it for years.


While Ralph’s other line RRL has been handling the more Jimmy looks.

Boardwalk Empire’s people use Martin Greenfield Clothiers located in Brooklyn, NY to manufacture all their suits.  They even distress the fabric for that old-timey feeling.  Pretty cool.



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  1. pagemcbee

    INTO IT! Michael bought me a tie pin when the tie clip was all the rage and I am thrilled to have been ahead of the curve. Tie pins are awesome! And I love that Steve Buscemi gets to be a leading man, that little weasel.

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