Viva Japan!

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WOW, JAPANESE DESIGN! I FUCKING LOVE YOU! It’s not just for your innovation and sleek, winking eye. It’s that–at your best–you’re the definition of classic modernity. Look at those AMAZING comb cases (above) from Phenomenon
If you don’t believe that Tokyo is the new New York/Paris for men’s fashion, I will now convince you. 
First, check out this hot bag from Swagger:
OR THIS CARDIGAN from NexusVII (in collaboration with British knitwear designer Inverallan):
 Look at the detailing:
That button is more beautiful, by itself, than 75% of the clothing I own. 
Speaking of beautiful coats, check out these from VICTIM (questionable name, gorgeous results). If you’re loaded, buy one here:

What about these incredibly accurate technologically advanced watches from Seiko? They have electrophoretic display! Read the press release to learn more about the nerdiest, coolest features like 300 dpi resolution and total accuracy! If you don’t give a shit, just admire the design:
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In conclusion, sorry bout ya, THE WEST. I rest my case and submit to a jury of my peers. 

About Thomas Page McBee

Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:


  1. Do you know of anyone who will knit me a cable knit, grey of course, well fitting, not tight/not baggy union suit? Snug shawl collar perhaps. I feel like i would wear it everyday like a uniform and never need to disrobe unless getting laid or showering. A+ to anyone who will make such a garment pour moi. It is the future just so you know. If i had an airline, which i currently do not, i would make all passengers change into these impossibly amazing sweater-suits, not sweatsuits, and all would travel happily in fashion without fear of silly bombs. nuff said.

  2. I feel like we can find you this, Ty. I also feel like you can make your airline dreams come true. Could martinis be involved?

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