Nice, France

The bluest water ever.

This gentleman was wearing all purple, even his belt, with a worn yankees cap and kicks. His name is Mervyn, I spotted him in France but he and his lady are from Wales and she is a food writer.

French anchor buttons at the flea market. Every single day there is a flower market held in the ‘old town’ area of Nice. On Mondays it’s an antique market, or, what we would call a flea market.

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent tie. 10 Euros.

This guy did NOT want me taking his picture. He’s so French Riviera I had to though. Check out his watch.

Yes this is the kind of thing you can find at flea markets in France. No I did not touch it or ask how many Euros it would set you back.

It’s a Nice life.

I spotted these while stopping at a bakery for espresso, which you do after completing each task-like thing in France. What the fuck, they are meringue cookies the size of footballs. I’m intensely attracted to the little ones that sometimes show up at parties but they are so sweet that one alone hurts my tongue. Does one person alone eat these? Or do you put them in the middle of a table with a chisel and a group takes care of it? I don’t know, I couldn’t spot anyone actually eating any.

Hoodlum. I mean teen in Nice.

In case you were wondering lifeguards pretty much look the same everywhere.

Why the hell not?


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