Inception’s Glamorama


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Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:


  1. absolutely agree. gorgeous film. could we also possibly note the excellent accent of tom hardy's character? brillantly droll brit.

  2. Okay fine I'll see it. I love that Ellen Page!

  3. Glad someone else was ogling the clothes during this movie.

  4. I couldn't believe that snarky BS! Ellen Page's outfits were awesome and it was nice to see a female character not be "sexual chic." Too bad she was Leo's prop, though. Her job was the most interesting. Dream architect?? Awesome. Focus more on that and on Page's confident swagger, which IS sexy.

  5. Not to need all females sexualized or whatever, and, I'm all into realistic shit in movies, and I agree with students dressing shitty, though that's not what you said, but, Ellen's jeans are horrible here. Sorry, it's just true. And with all the other super tailored stuff it looks extra saggy. If you're going to go THAT studenty might as well throw a Notre Dame hoody on her and call it a day. Or, just put her in actual baggy jeans instead of baggy skinny jeans.

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