Pretty Things

If you’re going to wear a polo shirt it should be one of these. Fred Perry teamed up with Liberty(it’s like the Bloomingdales of England) to make these. Fred used Liberty’s timeless floral and paisley prints. Awesome.

Like belts like these?

Connecticut, where I’m from, has been over-run in these things from the time I can remember until now. The reason for that may be that Leather Man Ltd. one of the companies who makes em’ is in Essex, CT. You’ve probably seen the lobster ones and boats and maybe the strawberries, but, I bet you didn’t know that they have over 200 hundred choices. That’s right, custom design yours online for the same price as they retail for and choose from things like, deer, yellow labs, snowflakes!, wolves, fox heads, lemons, cigars?, and literally hundreds of more choices.

I’ve loved bow ties since I was a kid when my Grandfather was the only man alive(that I knew of) who wore them. However, as of late they’ve been getting a little worn out. Just when I thought I’d puke at the sight of another one Uniqlo put this in there Fall 2010 lookbook.

It’s like a bow tie/ascot/bandana.

Have you seen the Proenza Schouler shopping tote? Incase you haven’t here it is.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend studs on anything, but, I recently saw these in person and well, once again fashion rules are made to be broken. These Yuketen loafers are pretty.

Do I need a gardening hat? I mean, I could wear it to the Russian River or to Lake Berryessa.

I spotted this on Blackbird’s website.


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  1. Um…I think the magical Uniqlo bow tie you found might have solved various satorial concerns for me. Do you know if it exists in stores?! Maybe I will make someone in New York be a nice guy and pick it up.

  2. I don't think their fall stuff is for sale yet. But I also think that might be a regular tie tied like that. The website is calling it their synthetic leather tie but it looks like Uniqlos silk tie to me. Anyway, if you have a narrow black silk tie I would give it a try.

  3. very good looking, all of it! thank you, leonardo.

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