Dear Junya Watanabe: A Love Letter

Dear Sir:
FUCKING A! Are you reading my mind or what?!
You have envisioned, in your 2011 collection, the EXACT LOOK I have been aspiring toward–on my best days–for the last couple of years. Bad-ass-but-tailored-boat-club-regatta. No dorky stuff–all wide stripes and white pants, for the gentleman of leisure who probably has awesome tattoos.
Did you make this hat for me? I think you did.
Mostly I have aspired for this look in the hopes that the actual life of leisure would follow, with little luck (though I did charter a sailboat for my life partner, Ms. Michael von Braithwaite for her 28th birthday, a gallant affair that almost ended in a capsized ship but DID NOT involve anyone spilling their champagne, against all odds).
Your clothes, in that sense, are a bittersweet reminder that if my life of leisure were truly in motion I would be able to afford the grand I need to buy your nautical sweater or whatever. But I forgive you the reminder because you made THIS JACKET:
In addition to the amazing things you are doing with boat shoes, blazers and TOGGLE COATS, I also want to commend you for your choice in Monsieur Mustache as a model. This man, perhaps due to his redheaded-ness, somehow looks awesome and not like a total douche with this sailor handlebar. Or perhaps it’s the white pants/fat stripes/exposed ankle situation. Anyway, this looks like the kind of guy I would drink martinis with at the yacht club after a long day drinking martinis on the yacht.
Your long history of geniusly updating classic looks makes me all the more convinced that I would be way better off buying all my clothes in Japan. You do American cool way better than any stateside-born designer I can think of. I mean, look at this guy:
The shoes: brilliant. I wish you would write a memo to all the dumb dumbs wearing Chucks with their ill-fitting department store suits. This is how it’s DONE.
Look, the point is: thank you. I sincerely hope that I reach a point where a white designer toggle coat makes sense in my life plan. Thanks to you, I have one more reason to keep the dream alive.
In solidarity,
Thomas Page McBee

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Gentleman first, always. James Dean is my patron saint, poet is my gender. More about me here:

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