Friends + Foes

At long last I have these Band of Outsiders x Sperry reconstructed penny loafers in my possession! They are actually from the Fall 2010 collection so I am behind the times, oh well. Feel free to invite me to your private estate(will travel) for some pool side fun. Oh, and I think these run a little big, hence the long last.

Last Saturday I attended a baby shower(yes, we’re all required to go now, it’s called equality) and was given a present to deliver to my friend Chad. It was these here Von Zipper swim trunks complete with an insulated fanny pack. He’s ready to hike in for a swim.

Beth came from the heat of Brooklyn for a windy SF visit!

She wears a vintage bomber jacket, borrowed cardigan(they never believe how cold it will be here), and a Topman t-shirt. That small satchel she says is from “an awesome leather store in Telluride Colorado”, it’s by Overland which excitingly enough has a section called Hobo Leather Handbags on their website. Her plimsoll’s are from UO and she pointed out that they are 2 for $30 even though she only has the 1 pair. Her fashion inspiration comes from “Looking in the mirror”. Well, ok.

Then Wes came over for a gin and juice on the back deck.

I dig the tans/denims situation he’s working. Jacket: stolen from his girlfriends online vintage shop which I would give you the name of if he would text me back with it. Sweater: vintage. Shirt: Zara. Jeans: Levis. Shoes: vintage Rockports. His fashion inspiration comes from: “Old timey shit and gay people not of this era. Oh, and a little Americana and sticking with earth tones.”

And, off season, but, I want these boots.

They are the Thompson boots by Mr. Hare, named after Hunter S. Thompson himself. Mr. Hare’s tag line is, “Shoes you can attach some romance to.”. Ok.

And, off topic, but, I want these Prism glasses.

Foes = things I want.


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  1. Beth's satchel is my new foe.

  2. i love all of these people!

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